• Publication week for Descent 296

    'Having just come back from expedition jetlagged and pushed for time, I thought adding eight extra pages to Descent would be the best way to get back into the swing of things. I hope you'll all find that the extra hours were well spent'.

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September 2021 CREG Journal Now Published

A new quarterly CREG journal is now online at http://bcra.org.uk/cregj

The printed version should be mailed by 7th of this month.

If your online subscription has expired, you will find out when you try to log in. If your paper CREG subscription is due to expire, we will send you an email in a few days. Please renew at http://creg.org.uk/renew

The UK-based Cave Radio & Electronics Group (CREG) is a Special Interest Group of the British Cave Research Association (BCRA). It publishes a journal that aims to be an international forum for cave electronics. The contents of each issue are listed at http://bcra.org.uk/cregj Subscriptions are available for the printed edition and for online access.

Further notes

Visitors to the online site will notice that each article now has a "voting button" against it - the CREG team wants to try to get a feel for which topics readers like (or dislike), and which you want to see more (or less) of. Most articles for the last ten years or more are included in the voting scheme. Currently, there are too few votes to be able to deduce anything. Also, there is s peculiar intermittent bug in the code so, if it doesnt seem to be working properly, please report to us!

Paper subscribers in the EU should note that there might be a difficulty in delivering the current issue to you. If you missed the last posting to the creg-announce list, please read the notice at http://bcra.org.uk/cregf