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Septic tanks on limestone


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Thanks for all your replies. In a nutshell it's rainwater to soakaways then into limestone fissures, foul water into existing sewerage systems.

I've trawled through a large amount of documentation on the South Lake District Council site and the process has left me depressed. Huge numbers of objections have been raised to the planning applications for the larger of the two sites. Many of these objections relate to the unique flora and fauna of the area, the loss of habitat and the loss of wildlife corridors - perfectly valid concerns. The standard reply is the word 'noted' - translation 'whatever'.

Objections made by conservation bodies such as Cumbria Wildlife Trust are met with fine words but are essentially ignored. Even United Utilities' objections are not taken seriously as is so perfectly illustrated by the dumping of foul water from the 43 houses on the smaller of the sites into a system that could not cope before those houses were built.