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Sheep rescue


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According to Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue website (http://www.aberglaslyn-mrt.org/incidents.html) they've not attended anything since March 2019... i.e. it looks like they don't maintain their website (as obviously they have been attending lots) so can't get info from the horse's mouth.

Been keeping eye open for a couple of days but not seen anything more specific than "Near Nantlle". Not sure if anyone else has heard more specific?


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Probably the one at around SH 5383 5329 if an open, fall-downable stope. Not too deep those. I had a look years ago and found out I couldn't get back out. Not without building a big cairn to stand on anyway. I notice a lot of this land is now open access, even the bit to the south of the cottages near the church where I think there were/are extensive workings? Level Goch or Las or something?