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Slings &Tripod etc in Allum & Tatham Wife


The other Week while Caving in Yorkshire with Cave Monkey he left one of my 3ft Slings along with a small Tripod in Allum Pot just as you come out of Dolly Tubs on the Bomb proof Slab,  :thumbsdown: it's Purple and the mini tripod's Silver.
Also whilst in Tatham Wife I left some Laminated Topo's behind only realized once back at the Car as We had to run down because our Phones were hiddin close by & I arrived with 12 minutes to go before Rescue would have been Called  :eek:
I know bloody useless  :-[
if anyone finds these items I'm not worried about them being returned just hope you get some use out of them the slings only a few trips old.
Hopefully I'll check a bit better next time


Well, we found your topo's down Tatham wife last weekend, and took them out of the cave. Haven't seen them since though........ :-\
Guess they like being misplaced  :LOL: