Spanish trip volunteers


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Pretty self explanatory. Al Evans - the climbers amongst you will recognise his name - lives out there and has very good contacts. Sounds like fun. He has signed up on here, but is waiting the nod from, I guess Bubba. In the mean time, if you want to contact him but can't be arsed signing up for Rocktalk, I'll forward messages on. I for one am intending to go, possibly in September.



Al Evans

Thank you stuart, as said free accomodation and travel on the Costa, two cert caves to push, others to try, pic here of main chamber.

Chris J

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Ok then - the obvious questions:

100m and 500m in -  horizontal or vertical?
Any idea on the potential either depth wise or horizontally? i.e. how high are the caves and how low does the limestone go?
Any other deep caves known in the area?
Resurgances in the valley?
How does the cave currently end? i.e. at what point did you turn around?
Are you sure no one else has been there previously? Any Spanish cavers to ask or get involved?
Active streamway caves or dry passages?


Al Evans

Well the limestone beds are deep, several thousand feet. The cave in the photo was a downwards walk to that chamber and is high on the hill so a lot of potential. The other cave is at the bottom of the main exposed massiff and is a horizontal walk/crawl in to a short pitch, shortly after which I wimped out but it was still trending downwards.
I am no expert I have to say, but I dont think we are going to discover another Berger, more like another Carlswark in the lower cave and maybe something akin to a yorkshire system in the higher cave, I just don't know.