Speedwell briefly on TV


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Funnily enough I caught the end of the trailer last night, but the 'Pub Walks' part of the title put me off - will check it out.

But there seems to be a lot of 'travel' programmes for middle-aged comedians approaching pension-age lately - mainly involving them walking about a lot and chatting aimlessly about any old shit with their mates. I can do that! Although 'Steven Tompinkson's Australian Balloon Adventure' probably still tops the list of absurdity.

Mrs Trellis

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The "walks" are much about chat with a companion - in this case Alan Davies's childhood. The walks don't match the maps (I guess Water-cum-Jolly was flooded) and the final "walk" ;) from Mam Tor summit to Little Hucklow isn't shown at all. I guess the "Blind Bull" is the old Bull Inn which closed some time ago. There was some footage of the Barrel, Bretton.

Fwiw I saw my great grandma's house in Litton Mill. My great uncle tickled trout at "Pooh sticks bridge" sic.


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Episode 2 was Suffolk with Trevor McDonald, then Dorset coast with Paul Merton & finally Somerset with Shaun Ryder (some sea cave / mine options in middle of those):