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Summer Access: Stoke Lane Slocker, Brownes Hole

cap n chris

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This has been received from CSCC and may be of interest/use to cavers who haven't heard about it:

Stoke Lane & Brownes Hole.
It is recommended that cavers do not go down either cave until after the summer is over. A recent drowning at Holcombe Quarry(200 meters down the road from the layby where you park for Stoke) has caused the police and local council to put no parking cones all the way down the lane in every possible parking area. In addition the quarry company has Group 4 security patrolling 24 hours a day(then even have a porta loo at the quarry entrance!). As access to Stoke is dubious anyway any conflict with the security firm/police could result in the landowner being informed and access stopped for good. I believe the problem will pass once the good weather is over.
Martin Grass.

cap n chris

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UPDATE regarding the notice advising people to stay away from Stoke Lane and Brownes' Hole due to the problems at the quarry and the security arrangements. This information has been received recently from Graham Price....

We were over there last week and there isn't a problem. You can park in the usual place (appreciated there are "No Waiting" cones that have been set out by the security company but these have no legal standing as such (although they were loaned by the police in a 'spirit of co-operation'! (their words - not mine)). What is essential, however, is to tell the security guards that you are there to go caving and give them the car registration numbers so they don't go on any wild goose chases looking for someone trying to break into the quarry.

At the moment there are up to 4 guards on duty on a 24/7 basis. Someone can always be found at the entrance to the Bector Wood working, part way down the hill. They are not restricting access to the Cooks Wood working by walkers walking down the valley.

Graham Price