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Ooh, well spotted. I've been waiting years for a cheap-enough LDM with serial out to hack into a shetland attack pony. Yet another project to go on the list...


I've now bought one of the UNI-T UT390B chinese LDMs for ?38 delivered (!) from dealextreme. Works fine in my front room. Small, light, robust, but probably not very waterproof. I'll take it to bits for a proper look when I get a mo, and of course take it underground and see how it works there. Then see how hard it would be to integrate with the SAP design.


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A startup is manufacturing a bare bones LDM/Mag/Clino/Bluetooth in China.
Currently $99 for the first few.
No screen so will only work with a PDA.
Seems to have a capacitive button.


The CEO has responded that his CTO will provide more details of the accuracy specs but I am still waiting........


I tested my UT390B over new Year in Easgill and it worked nicely, although not in particularly stretching conditions. It did the advertised 30m range. It'll get a proper workout soon on expo.

Meanwhile I noticed UNI-T do a 391A as well which is 70m range and waterproof (IP54) for ?54 delivered from China. That's probably better as a caving device. Has anyone tried one? I guess I'll go shopping anyway.

If these work well on expo I might import a few to supply UK cavers. Would that be of interest or has everyone who cares bought a distoX or distoX2 anyway so the market for separate LDMs is tiny?

I'm a very sad man who now owns 4 LDMs and is about to buy a couple more! I guess that's a lot easier now they don't cost ?250 a throw :)