Swinsto - stuck rope

Steve Clark

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We managed to get a rope stuck on the top half of the split pitch in swinsto this evening. Nothing to do with the bolting etc. we just left a knot in the end! It’s trapped against the blocking krab about half way up the pitch. Should be easy to fix from the pitch head.

The rope itself is a 10.5mm 40m(+) pretty old and probably due for retirement. The Petzl OK is nice and new and has my name on it.

If anyone is planning a trip and could retrieve it that would be much appreciated. We didn’t have a spare bag to leave for it. We can plan another trip sometime in the next couple of weeks if it’s still there.


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Didn't see this when down Swinsto today - there was no other rope on split pitch except for the in situ deviations (hopefully this means you've managed to retrieve it!)

Steve Clark

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Thanks for remembering.

We haven't been back yet. We had a plan to go on Friday evening, but the weather was a bit iffy with big dumps of rain at various times so decided against it.

Glad it's not cluttering up the cave at least. It may yet turn up.