Teams assemble for mine rescue

CRTT callout

The alarm was raised yesterday when a group of 12 failed to emerge from a trip down a mine.
Shortly after midnight yesterday morning (Sunday), Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team and the North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation were alerted to reports that the group of 12 were overdue on the Croesor Rhosydd through trip.


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Good to hear all safe and well. Wonder what happened, if they got lost in Rhosydd, in darkness the "daylight cavern" section isn't obvious to a first timer if you only have vague route instructions and no plan.

Hope not too many people in rescue teams had evening ruined and tired at work the next day!
Thanks Aberglaslyn MRT and N. W. CRO

tony s

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3 members of the overdue party completed the traverse and were met by Aberglaslyn and NWCRO members below the Rhosydd adit at 01:30 Sunday, long after their call-out time.  They described the 9 remaining members of the party as fatigued and they had left them 2 hours previously somewhere less than half way through the traverse; the party included some novices with little or no caving or SRT experience and experienced leaders.  In view of this information 7 NWCRO members entered the system via Rhosydd adit, and the overdue party was located at 04:45 in the area near the collapse on the Rhosydd incline; they were lost and unable to find the way out.  They were assisted out and all were back at the car park by 06:30.

NWCRO has received 3 stand-bys or call-outs to CRTT for overdue parties in the last month or so.