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The Derbyshire Caver, No. 156


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After some hiatus, the latest edition of The Derbyshire Caver has finally been released. The print copies have already been posted out and should have arrived by now - if you are a subscriber and don't receive yours, please let us know. Many thanks to the contributors who provided additional content, some at quite short-notice. Also please remember us for future news - we do try to put out four issues a year, but rarely receive updates on projects or discoveries without pestering, so please remember us if you have anything interesting. We do appreciate that social media to some degree is making the idea of a 'newsletter' somewhat obsolete, but this does give us the opportunity to feature more in-depth or more detailed articles on Derbyshire caving in general - there are a wealth of topics out there in reality.

Enjoy: https://thedca.org.uk/publications/newsletters