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The Media Section

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Some things I cant work out. First why is there so little take up on here. Basically its just me and Mr'O Doc. Secondly if the images are hosted directly to the forum how does the server cope with so many images when previously most of the better images were via third party hosts. I never did like attachments. Try as I may I just cant make YouTube work even though I have a Google account. I would like to post more videos but the Facebook route is awkward and time consuming. Lastly we now seem to have two Showcase forums. One with limits and one without. How do these compliment each other ? Surely the one with the three limits is now redundant. Yours forever confused by tech issues TOR.


Staff member
The answer is the the Media Section is new and folk haven't got their heads around it yet. I'm still trying to find someone to write a simple user guide as it seems to need some guidance or the media just gets lost in a mess.

The Photography Showcase is popular just how it is, so very happy to leave it like that for now.

Youtube videos should just embed if you copy the address.

Personally I prefer videos and photos to be part of a post or thread which tells some sort of story. Just posting heaps of photos seems lose any purpose to me, however, we're still hoping to make the media work for everyone.



Well-known member
When I click on media from drop-down it just says
"There are no media items to display."
Surely this needs wording better, or it should show me some pics?


Well-known member
Yes that threw me originally. It only applies to new stuff. I have put up photos that might encourage people to work out where they are or just (or perhaps) like looking at them.


Well-known member
For example my more recent contributions include Devon, New Zealand, County Clare, Mendip and Yorkshire. One or two reasonably well known cavers in some although mainly only to southerners I am afraid. It is better than having the photos mouldering electronically in my hard drive.

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
I have stopped using it really. Its just a hodge podge of unrelated stuff rather like my Flickr account. Better to have related images in a specific post no matter how old they are.