Traditional Caplamp Trip 20th January North Wales


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Hello all!

I was thinking, it feels like such a long time since there was any kind of mine exploring event (for me at the very least!). In a hope to try buck this trend I was thinking of doing a traditional cap lamp tour, why not bring in the new year with a dim old caplamp. This is just a quick post to guage interest really.

I was thinking something nice and simple like Wrysgan slate quarry, nice social wander about under the warming glow of carbide and halogen. Option for a bit of light SRT at the end to complete the "round trip", could also be fun to do some photography.

So crack out your old lamps dust off the petzl aceto.

Let me know if this interests anyone at all!


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Not sure that I could make it myself, but a traditional underground quarry trip, with stinky/candle, old clothing and rope ladder sounds a good jaunt, hope you get to do it

(With a debrief in the King's Head, Oakley Arms or somewhere so as not to miss any lessons learned, educational necessity)


Used to do it all the time not so long ago before LEDs took over... the Petzl Aceto type rather than Premier cap lamp of course.