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Tree guards, Cow Pot


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I removed a few tree guards from some of the established trees in the Cow Pot shakehole this weekend. Ideally guards are removed once the trees are stable and safe from being grazed, but this often doesn't happen, and they can go quite grotty inside the guards.

I thought it might be a nice communal conservation project. So if you'd like to, and you find yourself with a with a few spare minutes in the Cow Pot shakehole, please remove one or two or a few from the larger trees (2 to 3 metres tall or bigger) with a knife or shears/snips. If you can remove the guard without scratching the bark of the tree, that's perfect, but it's not always possible.

The cable ties are the reusable type so hopefully you won't need to cut those.

If the guards look re-usable (i.e. can be formed into a cylinder, even if they're cut lengthways) you can take them home and use them, or leave them somewhere tidy at Bull Pot Farm and we will re-use them for planting trees around and about. Non-reusable ones can go in the bin.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps with this!

It is always a shame when the trees don't get appropriate aftercare.
If anyone in the Yorkshire Dales has a significant number of tree tubes to dispose of, Mike Appleton at YDMT is organising a collection for recycling at the end of June. He can be contacted directly on 07957 623 970 for info.
23/24/25, Skipton Auction Mart.


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Apologies, I work for YDMT and we’re having another collection for shelters on Sept 22 - 24. folk can drop them off at Appersett but they need to give me a holler first ideally.

Ian Ball

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No worries, I was wondering if you were looking to get tree guards off at Cow Pot, might have had a wander over. I don't have anything to recycle.

Are tree guards and shelters the same thing?


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They are yes. It's my understanding that the ones at cow pot have now been taken off. I've got to collect them from the farm so I can take a wee wander over.


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We left them on the ones that either hadn’t grown out of the tubes or were too short and would just get munched. The ones in the enclosure upstream of the main hole seemed to have had a hard time with the sheep as the wall doesn’t keep them out.


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Cow Pot’s tubes in this little lot. Thanks to everyone that tipped in to help.

We’ll send off about 11,000 tubes to be recycled on Monday.