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Virtual Reality cave surveying -- TunnelVR


New member
Hey folks, I've been working on a cave survey drawing program in VR (after spending the last two decades doing the conventional cave survey drawing program TunnelX: https://github.com/goatchurchprime/tunnelx/).

I think it's a lot more fun to use, and simpler because you're not trying to represent something that is fundamentally 3D in a technical 2D diagram.  And you can edit it over the network in real time with other people.

There's a release here, which works on the PC (if it doesn't have VR then you can steer it with mouse and keyboard).  https://sidequestvr.com/app/1630

But if you've got an Oculus Quest (now retailing at ?300), it runs pretty well on that.

I'm looking for anyone with an interest who wants a demo (it's networked, so I can guide you from within the game). 


Well-known member
This is a really interesting project. Maybe the future of cave surveys?

Well worth having a go and supporting if people can. Plus it'll probably be the only way many of you will be able to get to the end of Cussey  :LOL:


New member
Download and run the file for your operating system (the zip file is for Windows) from here to see if it works:

Then email me on julian@goatchurch.org.uk with your phone number/whatsapp/telegram contact and I can join you in VR and show you how it works.


New member
I've just implemented signposts in it, so you can label and put directions in the passages.  It's in v0.6.3 now. 

(See image in attachment)


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