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Warmbac wetsuit


New member
Warmbac wetsuit for sale.
Good condition.
All seams good, no tears or rips.
150cm neck to ankles
Size 42
2x kneepads
2x feet

Does £60 plus £6.95 p&p sound reasonable?
Offers invited.



Active member
Gonna check out the size of my warmbac neofurry and get back to you tomorrow (assuming sizing will be same)


Active member
Ahaha, well I’ll save myself some effort of finding my neofurry and some money (which will just get spent on other stupid stuff) and take myself out the race, good luck chaps!


New member
Hi Josh,
Thank you for your interest.
Flurry of mails and offers this morning.
Wetsuit is sold and off to the Peak District!
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New member
I wondered that!
One of your fellow cavers mentioned that old neoprene isn't as flexible and therefore comfy as the new stuff, so I priced accordingly.
But then, I'm guessing cavers from Derby are as lean as whippets (a southerner stereotyping!) so whoever ends up using the wetsuit will probably be rattling around inside it anyway!
Anyroads, buyers seemed to just be attracted to the pretty colours so it'd be interesting to see group photos with one caver in aquamarine, yellow and red, surrounded by cavers in black...