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Warmer Wetsuits


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Top tip for wetsuits...

Buy an old knackered two old knackered drysuits off eBay with latex seals.

Buy a tube of aquasure.

Cut off latex wrist seals.

Aquasure to wrists and ankles of wetsuit. Reduces flushing lots and literally any idiot can do it.

You'd probably think it would be cheaper to buy new wrist seals than knackered (and I mean knackered) old drysuits. The answer is possibly very very marginally. But then you wouldn't get all the tough material to cut up for other uses, or if you're lucky, neoprene!! (Though neoprene suits with latex seals are a rarity)

To give you an idea how knackered you should be looking for, new drysuits cost ?500-3000+ and normally resale between ?200-1000. For this particular project and a few others needing equally knackered ones, I got given 6 for free!

Can't comment whether kayaking ones would be suitable/cheaper as I've never seen one in the flesh.

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