Warning - County Pot, Battle of Britain Chamber


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We have received warning (11th Feb 2024) of some movement in Battle of Britain Chamber in County Pot.

We understand that the mud slope at the top of the chamber, and the boulders it holds (just in front of the hole leading up towards Splash Chamber) shifted a few feet, loosening several boulders. This is part of the popular route to Eureka Junction via Upper Trident area (avoiding Poetic Justice) detailed in our route descriptions, and so is a popular trade route these days, hence our posting this via various social media outlets.

The reporter was alone, so unable to do much, but has placed the moving stones away from the slope, but more movement may follow.

Cavers passing through Battle of Britain Chamber, particularly on-route to Splash Chamber, are advised to take extra caution, and to stay well clear of the bottom of the chamber when anyone is above. Please report any further news or observations to the CNCC (pr@cncc.org.uk) or, use the relevant reporting form on our website: