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Warning Peak Cavern Bung Ladders


New member
We have had a report that the bung ladder may be damaged and unusable and people should plan their trips accordingly.  The bottom two rungs are missing and until the water levels recede it is difficult to determine the stability of the remaining rungs.

We are closely monitoring the water levels and will do our best to get accurate and up to date information on the condition of the ladder as soon as it is available.

You can still safely visit either end of the Bung ladder by whatever route you choose to get there.


Pete K

Well-known member
The Bung ladder will be removed on the 18th of May to be repaired. It is my plan to head into Speedwell on the morning of the 16th or 17th to place some DCA anchors on the 'pitch' so that cavers can still pass this area in an emergency while the ladder is gone. Due to the lack of dry ground to put bolting kit down on, I'm looking for helpers on one of those days to assist me. No skill required, just the ability to hold stuff above the water for an hour.
Pete Knight - DCA Projects

Pete K

Well-known member
The ladder was removed today as planned and the 4 new BP anchors were tested and put into service.
2 anchors back in the tunnel as a backup and 2 above the ladder-less 'pitch'. A non DCA expansion anchor can also be used.
16m rope and 2 maillons/krabs for basic rigging.
20m rope and 5 maillons/krabs for belt and braces rigging.
The ladder is off now for a fix and will return as soon as possible.

The DCA would like to remind cavers that any rope that may have already or might possibly in the future be attached to these anchors is nothing to do with DCA and should be used entirely at your own risk.


Is the ladder still out of action? And if it is, is it possible to pull through on the current bolts?


Pete K

Well-known member
Yes the ladder is still out and yes you could pull-through on the anchors there. You'll no doubt find a helpful soul has left you a rope to use though.


Bung ladder re-instated!

Ade got the bottom section of the ladder re-welded, and beefed up, and John and I joined him to take it into Speedwell Cavern this morning and bolt it in place.

It still needs a slight bit of attention, but it's in and ready for use.