Author Topic: Upstream sump, Bagshawe  (Read 1696 times)

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Upstream sump, Bagshawe
« on: September 24, 2003, 12:58:10 pm »
went into baggers last night and in the abscence of any willing volunteers to go into the Hollywood bowl  :roll: we went for a look at the upstream sump. This too is very low at the moment.

I had a mask and neoprene hood with me and pushed up stream following the dive lines. I travelled along, floating quite nicely with the air space diminishing to about 2-3 inches. then up again into a small chamber - I called the other lads through. I was disapointed to see the passage then dipped and sumped - the angle was reasonably shallow. I poked my head under for a look. this is the first time Ive used a mask and its great. I could see the dive line streaching out into the distance, poteen on the CDG scale of water clarity.

on the way out we had a go at digging the area that was damming the sump. we probably dropped the level about 8 inches. so it will be interesting to go back and have a look at the results on thursday - if I can get anyone to go. :x


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