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Bluetooth USB Dongle for DistoX
« on: March 04, 2015, 06:51:46 pm »
My PDA recently failed during a DistoX2 download and I lost a chunk of the data, or so I thought until a bit of work later.

PocketTopo creates two files ~back1 and ~back2 as it downloads data and I was able to open these to recover some of the data. Normally you will not see these files because PocketTopo erases them when the data is saved to a file. There was a block of 30 observations which were not in these files. I was able to manually recover these by stepping through the memory in the DistoX2, press Memory button, then press + and - until you get to the missing data block. Then manually enter the data into Survex or PocketTopo.

I have asked Beat if PocketTopo could have a DistoX2 Memory Dump facility to recover such data.

Note data recovery will only work for the last 1000 measurements.
Anything prior to that will have been overwritten within the DistoX2.

My Laptop lacks a built-in Bluetooth so I splashed out £1 at Poundland on a Bluetooth dongle. This was automatically recognised on my Windows XP and once configured with the 0000 passkey and paired with the DistoX2, I can now download direct without the PDA intermediate step.
£1 well spent.


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