Author Topic: Otterbox 1900 Toughened Phone/PDA Case (Hidden earth 2015: £6 each)  (Read 680 times)

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I've been in contact with Mike Colledge, the guy with 400 Phone/PDA cases. I'm thinking about buying a batch off him to give away at cost price, just so I know how many to get can you let me know if you would consider buying one off me at hidden earth? He's offered me 30 for £200 (£6.66) each but seeing as he used to do a 2 for £10 deal, I think I might be able to talk the price down a little bit.

I'll be behind the ULSA stand, just let me know on here & Ill reserve one for you. The cases protective screen works with capacitive touch screens so you can use it with your phone if its the right size. Your welcome to come and try the case out to see if your device fits/works in the case  :) I've posted some pictures in the link below

Also here is a link to the previous thread.

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Re: Otterbox 1900 Toughened Phone/PDA Case (Hidden earth 2015: £6 each)
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Definitely interested in a couple, PM sent.
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