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Caving at EuroSpeleo
« on: July 15, 2016, 10:01:45 pm »
Want to go Caving at EuroSpeleo?
More than 50 of the best region’s caving trips are being fully rigged for EuroSpeleo, from Calf Holes to King Pot.

So, how do delegates go about visiting them?
Go to the Caving Tent at EuroSpeleo, browse the mass of surveys, guidebooks and topos available, consult the knowledgeable volunteers manning the Tent, and sign up for whatever trips you fancy. Fill in a call-out slip, hand it in and go caving. Once your trip’s over, return to EuroSpeleo to cancel your callout.

If your trip involves the Gaping Gill winch, you will need to pay a (substantially reduced) fee of £5 and receive a wristband. You cannot book this at the GG entrance.

What if I want to go to a permit cave?
All permits for EuroSpeleo caves are vested in EuroSpeleo. All delegates are eligible for them and simply need to visit the Caving Tent and book trips as for any other pre-rigged cave.

Is transport provided?
We will be providing a limited transport service, but this is likely to be quite busy and may involve considerable waits, particularly post trip. It is, therefore, in delegates’ best interests to be independent. Delegates needing transport should book themselves in at the Caving Tent.

Are leaders available?
A small number of local cavers have volunteered to lead delegates on trips. These vary from specific trips at specific times to more general offers. Full details will be available at the Caving Tent.

Can we go caving without signing in?
You “can” if it’s to a non-permit cave and you have the landowner’s permission. However we would ask that you don’t. We are asking cavers to be considerate of others, many of whom may well be visiting our country for the first time. We will try hard at the Booking Tent to keep parties apart underground, and by booking a slot you are helping to make your trips go smoothly.

Do we need BCA Insurance?
All EuroSpeleo delegates will be covered by BCA for participation in any event which is part of the official timetable, including any of the pre-rigged caves.


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