Author Topic: A message from a mole. - or where to dig/clear  (Read 493 times)

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A message from a mole. - or where to dig/clear
« on: October 22, 2016, 02:14:58 pm »
I have recieved the following from a certain human mole who is again burrowing his way through the mountains:

Hi Chris

 I was down the Gower yesterday, and I had a look at the entrance to Llethrid Swallet which has been blocked for some time, the entrance gate can now be opened after I spent 10 minutes clearing the sticks from the gate, and below the gate one can also get into the cave at stream level, there is no lock on the entrance gate, and I cannot see much point in replacing this lock, as anyone can still enter the cave by going in at stream level.

How far it is possible to get downstream is uncertain because the narrow rifts in the streamway usually get blocked with sticks and leaves and even logs, but it might be possible to reach the downstream sump, as this cave is very sporting and the main chamber is large and well decorated, but as the stream was still flowing into the entrance a wet suit would be essential, also route finding is not straight forward so it is worth memorising the way very carefully and be aware that the entrance series can flood to the roof, so go elsewhere if there is a remote possibility of rain,

So if you want to post this report up on the UK caving forum in the welsh section, you can use my name if you wish.


The name is of course Tony Donavon
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