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County Pot Incident
« on: June 04, 2019, 12:45:54 pm »
Whilst the Curtain Pot incident was ongoing, we received another callout for a female caver who had fallen whilst re-rigging a ladder in County Pot and sustained a lower leg/ankle injury.  Due to the sheer resource requirements at Curtain Pot we were really grateful of the support of UWFRA, COMRU and cavers list cavers to provide us with assistance in extracting the casualty.  Once again, a brilliant display of the caving community pulling together.  There were also NWAS paramedics on scene and the NWAS HART team attended but then left when they ascertained they weren't needed.  To assist with getting the casualty off the hill, both North West Air Ambulance and the Coastguard Rescue 912 helicopter were on standby.  Due to the timing of of the incident (nightfall approaching), and the potential of also being tasked later to Curtain Pot, Rescue 912 was tasked with assisting with this incident.  After being assessed and treated by both the NWAS and Coastguard paramedics, the casualty was packaged onto a stretcher and winched (quite a long one too) onboard the aircraft for and transported to Blackpool RVI for treatment.  We are happy to report that the casualty is now back in her home town and being treated at her local hospital.  We wish the casualty all the very best and hope that she makes a speedy recovery.
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