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The end of Steve's Endeavour
« on: August 09, 2019, 11:31:32 pm »
The end of Steve's Endeavour is a rather interesting place.  I think I've mentioned it on the hopeless thread before, that we've noticed the the cave terminates at Y junction.  I don't think previous explorers noticed this and its not all that surprising given that at a low level the left hand rift is little more than a crack a couple of inches wide and at a high level the right hand rift is hidden behind some really dodgy boulders.  Consequently it's not at all surprising that most would just assume its a single rift.  Furthermore, since forging the Hopeless - Steve's through trip last October we've given ourselves much easier access to this part of the cave and hence opportunity to look at it in detail.

The left hand rift provides the high level window out to the cliff found by the original explorers, contains our connection to Hopeless and also the recently noticed low level route out to the cliff.  The right hand rift simply pinches out becoming too tight after a few metres however appears to turn inland.

A few months ago myself and Richard had a good look at the right hand rift and decided we should spend a day or two enlarging the end of the rift to see what happens at the point it turns.  Since then I've studied the Blacknor survey and fannied around on google earth and come to the conclusion this rift is almost certainly heading to Blacknor.  The Northern Steve's entrance is 74 m from Blacknor's Queens Entrance as the crow flies.  Not far inside Queens Entrance there is a rift (Next to Go) which according to the survey heads south for approx. 50 m.  Annoyingly this is the only rift in Blacknor I've not been in so I have no idea what is at its end.  What I do know is there is no evidence of it emerging on the cliff.  I'm therefore hoping 'Next to Go' and our right hand rift in Steve's meet.  The distance between the two cannot be more than about 20 m (and hopefully a little less!).  The goal of course is to create an interesting through trip and provide an all weather, more sensible entrance to Blacknor.

Today myself and Richard had nothing better to do so we decided to take the bag of toys and start work enlarging the rift.  We only managed around 2 m of progress however another similar session will get us to a good view of what's going on and we should be able to make a judgement to whether this will be a long term project, a futile waste of time or perhaps another easy breakthrough.

A couple of pictures...

Richard in the enlarged rift:

The bag of toys & back along Steve's Endeavour rift:

Unlikely we'll get a chance to return to this one for a while but I'll update this thread when we do.