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BCA Party Weekend and AGM 2020
« on: January 16, 2020, 09:47:01 pm »

The Council of Southern Caving Clubs is kindly hosting the BCA’s annual party weekend and Annual General Meeting for 2020. We’d like to encourage as many cavers as possible to come along, have a great time, and of course participate in the BCA AGM on the Sunday.

Venue: Priddy Village Hall, Priddy, Wells, BA5 3BE
Date: Weekend of 12-14th June 2020

Provisional 2020 programme:

Saturday 13th June:    
  • Caving trips
  • Training event (venue to be decided)
  • From 12:00: Various talks, lectures and films at Priddy Village Hall
  • Early evening: Competitions at Priddy Village Hall and Village Green
  • Barbeque and bar (sorry; not BCA funded!) at Priddy Village Hall
  • Disco/dancing at Priddy Village Hall

Sunday 14th June:
  • Around 9.30am: Breakfast rolls, lunch rolls, tea/coffee/beer at Priddy Village Hall
  • 10.30am onwards: BCA AGM followed by Council meeting at Priddy Village Hall

Priddy Village Hall has excellent AV facilities and a good internet connection. There are three caving huts within walking distance, a commercial camp site (clubs offer camping as well), a farm shop for breakfast, The Queen Victoria Inn serving meals and The Hunters Lodge offering inexpensive meals and good beer.

The Annual General Meeting:

The AGM will be held on the Sunday (14th June 2020) at Priddy Village Hall, 10:30am. All BCA members are welcome. Individual members (CIMs/DIMs) should bring their BCA membership card if wanting to vote. The following vacancies on BCA Council will arise at the meeting:

  • Conservation and Access Officer
  • Two representatives for Group members
  • Two representatives for Individual members

The deadline to apply for these positions, and to submit any proposals is Saturday 4th April 2020. If you would like to stand for a position or submit a proposal (or would like any further information on any aspect of the roles or the meeting) please email

The agenda, reports and a finalised programme for the full weekend will be published on the BCA website in due course; watch the website (, keep checking back here on UKCaving, or follow us on Facebook.
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Re: BCA Party Weekend and AGM 2020
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2020, 11:03:12 am »
it looks like the BCRA are also running an event on Saturday 13th June as part of the BCA party weekend  ;D

From the BCRA website:
BCRA cave science workshop / field trip at Priddy, near Wells, Somerset. Further details on BCRA News forum in Spring 2020. This event is part of the BCA AGM weekend.

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Re: BCA Party Weekend and AGM 2020
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2020, 10:57:07 pm »
It will surely come as no surprise, but I can confirm that BCA Executive have taken the decision to CANCEL the 2020 party weekend and Annual General Meeting that was planned for 13-14th June. With restrictions on movement and social distancing likely to be with us for some weeks (or months) to come, and restrictions on larger group events probably likely to continue for longer still, it seems unfeasible to continue to plan for such an event only nine weeks away.

Discussions are ongoing about alternative arrangements. More news in due course although we are currently exploring the option of an October date for rescheduling.

An 'interim' agenda document will be published soon with all proposals and application received prior to the original 4th April deadline. These will be 'locked in' for the AGM whenever it may happen. There will likely be a further deadline for additional agenda items as well as applications to the Council positions which have recently become available.

Watch here on UKCaving or the BCA Website or Facebook for further announcements.

Stay safe everyone!

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Re: BCA Party Weekend and AGM 2020
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2020, 09:30:35 pm »
I am delighted to announce a new date for the BCA party weekend and AGM; 10-11th October 2020 in Priddy, Mendips.

Hopefully the plan for the weekend will be similar to what was planned for June (a weekend of caving, talks, beer and BBQ). The AGM itself will be held on Sunday 11th October, 10:30am at Priddy Village Hall. Our website diary has been updated and a new 'flyer' for the event will go onto the website in due course.

We are of course pinning hopes on group gatherings being possible by October; I seriously hope so!

I have put together an INTERIM agenda document; this shows all vacancies and applications for BCA Council positions, and all proposals that have been submitted up to the original 4th April deadline (i.e. this is the Agenda as it would have looked had the AGM not moved from June). As we have now postponed the AGM to October, I can announce a new deadline for further applications and proposals of midnight on 1st August.

The interim agenda can be found here:

We currently have the following BCA Council positions coming up for election WITHOUT an applicant at present:

> Treasurer
> Publications and Information Officer
> One Individual Representative position
> One Group Representative position

All BCA members (Individual or Group) are welcome to propose motions to the AGM. If there are any additional motions for the agenda, or if anyone would like to stand for any of the available Council positions please email me ( no later than midnight on 1st August.

After 1st August, I will add any new proposals/applications to the agenda and issue it as a final document.

Please do put the date in your diary, come down to the Mendips for a fun weekend, and to come to the AGM and have your say.

Matt Ewles


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