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Norman Brindle
« on: April 29, 2020, 10:55:27 am »
Veteran caver Norman Brindle of the Craven Pothole Club passed away on Boxing Day 2019, aged 90. He and his brother Denis were heavily involved in a number of classic CPC explorations over the years (for example the linking of Dow Cave with Providence Pot and various discoveries beneath Darnbrook Fell). Despite extended periods overseas due to work he was a prolific digger in the Dales. Norman played a significant role in the development of cave diving in northern England, performing some of the earliest aqualung dives in various sumps including at Boreham Cave, where he was the first person to explore (and survey) the dry passages beyond Sump 1 in 1959. An announcement of his death will appear in Descent 274 (June / July 2020). Fuller tributes can be found in Cave Diving Group Newsletter 215 (April 2020) pages 1 & 2 and (the as yet unpublished) CPC Record 138 (April 2020).


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