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Matienzo Caves Project, Covid-19 and summer visits.
« on: June 24, 2020, 10:09:23 pm »
  We believe that a, possibly limited, exploratory caving permit for Matienzo may possibly be issued by mid-July.*
  Due to Covid-19 we strongly advise that there be no long caving / pushing trips and that any caving activity is limited to surface prospecting and near-surface digs in small teams. There will be no expedition gatherings - e.g. no office and no expedition meal. The expedition will not run as normal.
  Of course, it is down to individuals / small groups whether they visit or not. If they do, as members of the Matienzo Caves Project, particular notice should be taken of the attached document giving notes and guidance regarding risk and responsibilities.
  Regional and local regulations may also be in place and, if more rigorous, must be adhered to.
  After using these guidelines as a base and, if the risk of catching and spreading the virus becomes less, caving visitors should use mutually agreed procedures, having regard to local regulations, risks and sensibilities.
The online spreadsheet for the summer has been cleared of names and times as a number of cavers have already cancelled. Starting afresh, please show on the spreadsheet, or by advising Phil or Juan, your intention to visit, with dates. This includes everyone, please. (

* Permit information: We received a letter yesterday from the Cultura Ministry in Santander (took 11 days to get to us) asking for information of our plans for possible caving and that if we did not reply our permit request (from October 2019) would be withdrawn. This followed a request/order to cancel any planned caving sent to us in March.  We assume this new request is because of Covid19 and they are wanting to know numbers and where expedition members will be. Following their request, and five questions to answer. we have replied saying we will be doing only limited activity such prospecting, digging at near surface sites and only very limited caving, i.e. where access is straight forward with minimum gear, etc.
We have given a comprehensive reply (had to be by post) today. We do not know if a permit will be issued and what restrictions will be imposed. Due to the delay in getting the letter we do not expect any permit to be issued to at least mid-July.
Juan Corrin, Phil Papard, Steve Martin, Peter Smith 24/6/2020


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