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Skewen flood
« on: February 03, 2021, 10:55:41 am »
Noticed a few days ago BBC published a far more informative article about those poor folks flooded out (with pretty horrible ochre water at that) in Skewen, S Wales.

Definitely more informative than earlier journalism (water runs into mines, or water is red from mines... probably because of old rusting mining equipment). What surprised me though was the graphic in article which shows the flooded area (e.g. Dynevor Road) overlaid old shafts and they were from the 1900s!!
I'd *assumed* it would be some poorly capped (timber and earth) shaft from much earlier.

Wish those poor folks well with the cleanup and getting insurance to pay up in a timely manner!

Edit: corrected title to Skewen. Originally titled Dynever Flood but phone spell check kept autocorrecting to Doreen Flood
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