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« on: January 27, 2009, 07:22:38 pm »
Going to Lanzarote in Feb, Does anybody have any info on who to contact or how to go about looking into some Lava Tubes and any other kit required other than helmet and light. Cheers Guys and Gals
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Hi Cavesherpa, Ed can provide you with lots of coordinates for trips there.(for quick ness and ease he has a word file with all the coordinates on there.
Helmet and light needed only.
If you pm me your email address I can send you coordinates for some Ed doesnt have..(although he does now coz I think I sent them to him eg las Brenas?? ed??)
Helmet and light only, Lots of Fab through trips, trips with lakes you can swim in...
NTR for most....(no tackle required)
I would say there enough trips not needing tackle to keep you caving every day of the week.
The smallest trip is a through trip (see my avatar) caving in Bikini to get thru to make the thru trip Connection (Chris my other half couldnt fit)
Can email coords of this trip too if you think youll fit, even if you dont its a cracking in and out trip...

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Re: Lanzarote
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There is some excellent caving to be done on Lanzarote, and I can give you more info if you pm me your email address.  Menacer has some up to date local contacts.  Caves are HOT, I wear T-shirt and shorts, though good knee pads and gloves are a must due to the extreme sharpness of the rocks.  Others I know wear cotton boiler suits.

The absolute classic cave is Cueva de los Verdes, which offers a couple of through trips, though vertical gear is needed for the top entrance (Jameo Prendes).  Other good trips are Cueva de los Naturalistas (all horizontal) and Cueva los Lagos (tricky climb, or pitch for wimps, to get in then some swimming).

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