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STOP PRESS ( from )
News just in (and I haven't finished translating all the previous posts yet):

The mission has been postponed due to one of the helicopters crashing while attempting a landing in the valley close to the cave's entrance. The helicopter was carrying the mission's leaders and the Czech team. None of the Greeks were harmed, although it is not clear whether any were on board.

(re-posted with fuller translation at 15:15 EET)

The mission to Voronya has been put on hold until July. The first helicopter which was carrying the mission leaders and the Czech team crashed last Thursday during the approach procedure in the valley of Ortobalagan, very close to the entrance of Voronya at an altitude of 2200m. Only yesterday (9 January 2005) did the heavily injured return to our base at Adler and from there leave immediately for Moscow. This morning a different helicopter collected the gear and the last members of the mission from the mountain. All the Greek members of the mission are well and are beginning the return journey tomorrow.

The above is translated from a text message SMS received this morning. Let's hope for a swift healing process for the injured.

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Thats a shame - hope everybody recovers well and better luck for july - UKc