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SRT in Space!
« on: April 26, 2021, 08:17:40 pm »
Forget all that mineshaft nonsense, here is the genuine article to get your teeth into.

"Stowaway" on Netflix

OK, the film is maybe a bit droopy, but the SRT is awesome.

Premise. You got a spaceship which consists of a solar array in the middle. Rotating around on cables hundreds of metres long are a rocket on one end and an accommodation unit on the other (to generate G). Skipping the boring bit, they need to go to the rocket to see if there is any O2 left in the burn tank. So, the situation is there is G at the end and zero G in the middle. So they need to prussik up the cable until the g drops then float past the array before falling down the other side to the rocket doing a brake. Then get out an SRT rope to abseil down the rocket using an 8, open a hatch, fill their diddy tank, prussik back up the rocket, then up the cables and fall back down the other side.

Things go wrong. There are some tears.

Thinking a pony bottle was enough for several months in space seems to suggest they were hypoxic by that point. But hey! Numerous other GCSE Physics issues might occur to you watching it. Personally I was concerned about not using a Stop and I couldn't see a knot in the end, which seemed a bad idea to me in the circumstances.

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Re: SRT in Space!
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2021, 09:43:38 pm »
I couldn't see a knot in the end, which seemed a bad idea to me in the circumstances.


I want to see Fjell's Film reviews as a regular feature on UKC.
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