• The Wessex Challenge!

    2nd July 2022

    The theme is The Crystal Maze - expect perplexing puzzles, feats of strength and a geodesic dome. The event will be hosted at the Belfry, please arrive by 16.00 to partake.

    For full details, click here

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  1. cap n chris

    Overhand Knot (on the bight) in Cows Tails.

    I have witnessed it first hand, fall factor probably 1.3. CTs were freshly tied prior to the trip. All worked perfectly. No problem.
  2. cap n chris

    Watch found in Swildon's round trip

    Ken Passant likes Casio watches, and loses them in Swildon's Hole as a national champion.
  3. cap n chris

    Thirteen Lives - Official Trailer

    Unsurprisingly enough I've heard of all of the cavers/divers but on the other hand the only actor whose name I recognise is Colin Farrell (Bruges is a shithole). So much for fame, eh! It's probably because I have no TV so am out of the loop. If I do accidentally see the film I'll at least...
  4. cap n chris

    Overhand Knot (on the bight) in Cows Tails.

    Once you've undone and retied cowstails knots a few thousand times it becomes natural.
  5. cap n chris

    Armchair cave speculation

    Upper Flood Swallet to Gough's Cave through trip would be Awesome to the Max[tm].
  6. cap n chris

    A thank you

    Probably Greg, or John C, or Andy S or all three! :-)
  7. cap n chris

    Temporary cave camp toilets

    Military-style kitty litter bags might be a nice(r) option in terms of bagging. https://armysurpluswarehouse.com/military-issue-wag-bag-waste-kit/
  8. cap n chris

    Purple Stalactites

    Lampenflora can cause this and the nearby green rather suggests that is what's going on.
  9. cap n chris

    One word to describe caving....

  10. cap n chris


    Er, so it doesn't exist, then?
  11. cap n chris

    Nigel Taylor

    There's a commemorative plaque to him in Wookey Hole Caves.
  12. cap n chris

    Nigel Taylor

    The death of Nigel Taylor was sadly announced this morning. The Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) has lost a great champion and the ‘ecosystem of people’ in the area is now missing a key connection. The AONB Partnership, staff in the team and all the volunteers who help the...
  13. cap n chris

    What do you take with you?

    I favour omelette and plates of salad, perhaps some fruit for afters.