• Lost hearing aid in Swildons Hole

    Lost 29/09/2022 very near the entrance, probably the first climb down.

    Please keep an eye out!

    More details here

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    Lidar now incorporated in Bing road maps

    Has anybody else noticed that Bing maps have now incorporated surface relief from Lidar in its road maps? Here, for example, is Trefil quarry in S.Wales, adjacent to the Llangynidr SSSI and its sundry shakeholes - https://www.bing.com/maps?rtp=~pos.51.814131_-3.275065
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    CCC and others on access to Welsh caves and countryside

    Cross posting link to a comprehensive post from Cambrian Caving Council's Conservation and Access officer, for all in Wales: https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=26176.msg319654#msg319654 or refer directly to http://www.cambriancavingcouncil.org.uk/corona%20virus.html 
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    Peter A. Standing (1947-2019)

    Peter Standing died back in November. He started caving with the Gloucester SS in the Forest of Dean and went on to the University of Bristol where he was prominent in the UBSS explorations of the Little Neath River Cave. He was a doctor when he joined the Ghar Parau expedition, and practiced...
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    Classifying caving (and potholing...)

    The flood of books on the Thai cave rescue raises and interesting question as to how caving literature should be classified. To start with we have these classifications from the publishers: The Boys in the Cave          - SPORTS & RECREATION / Caving                                            ...
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    Twll Du - a meeting presaged

    Yesterday saw a meeting of the great, the good, and, doubtless, others to decide the future of Twll Du... Today's print edition of the Guardian has a picture of William Blake's painting A Vision of the Last Judgement [available online at...
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    Welsh Government/NRW mapping

    I note that the Lle website now gives access to (among much else) an SSSI layer, as well as the four categories of Open Access (CRoW) land - dedicated forest; - open country; - other statutory access (urban common); - registered common Go direct...
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    LIDAR data for Wales

    LIDAR data is now available for download and also (pre)viewing. The availability of preprocessed (shaded and height coloured) images is a considerable improvement on the presentation of the equivalent data in England, so well done to NRW and the Welsh Government. About 70% of the country is...
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    New book looking in on the hidden world of caving

    The BCA may be surprised to read in a new book (Britannia Obscura: Mapping Hidden Britain) that the author's research, backed up by discussions with Chris Jewell, Dave Nixon, Andy Walsh, and Tarquin Wilton-Jones, has revealed that "the British Caving Association exists to negotiate on behalf of...
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    Landowners - what did they ever do for us?

    A thought provoking article from today's Guardian - http://www.monbiot.com/2014/12/02/breaking-the-silence/ For all the talk of landowners and their, allegedly, sensitive feelings - from delicate to explosive - it isn't always obvious who they - or even their agents - are or what it is that...
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    They words...

    It can be useful to know how other people understand and use the words we bandy about so freely. Dictionaries can help but have limited space for examples, although they are often based on a large set of such examples - a 'corpus'. I just came across this online corpus of usage taken from...
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    How deep is OFD?

    "OFD is Britain's third longest cave and at 308 m deep is its deepest." - so says the SWCC website, and numerous derivatives. Yet, in looking at some figures in the course of reviewing the content of the Cambrian Cave Registry, I find that the resurgence is at an altitude of around 184m and...
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    TopoOpen online - an easy way into Therion?

    I just came across this on the Slovak Speleological Society website at: http://www.sss.sk/index.php/mapovanie/topoopen-onlne It lets you input typical from/to/d/b/i/l/r/u/d data, calculates on the fly and displays the results, and will, among other things,  then export the files required to...
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    Access lost to Ogof Carno

    According to the latest Descent (230), Welsh water have now removed access permission to this cave, citing 'health and safety', and old keyholders have returned their keys. The Cambrian Caving Council has had nothing to say about this on its web site yet, so can we expect an explanation and an...
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    Lost in a Cave - applying graph theory to cave exploration

    What section should this go in? For sale/New to caving/Cave science/Surveying/...? http://www.amazon.com/Lost-Cave-Applying-Theory-Exploration/dp/1879961431 I don't think this is a joke, but I await some interesting Amazon reviews. Especially from the graph theorists who only read chapters...