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    HIGHLY recommend Il Buco ("The Hole") - Italian Film recreating the 1961 exploration of Abisso del Bifurto in Calabria

    i went to see it in Belfast at the QFT where I think it’s last screening is this evening it was a nice film
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    QUBCC Webinar with Geological Survey of Northern Ireland

    Tuesday 8th February, at 7pm UTC, Queen?s University Belfast Caving Club will host a webinar with speakers, Dr Lemon and Dr Wilson from the GSNI on to talk about the geology and hydro-geology of the Marble Arch Cave area. Talk will take place over Microsoft Teams, link below...
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    Evening Talk with Richard Watson about ?douard Martel

    Queen's University Belfast Caving Club are holding an online event on Wednesday, 5th May 2021 at 19:00 UTC+01, with Richard Watson giving a presentation about ?douard-Alfred Martel, the famous "father of modern speleology"! It will be held as a video conference over Microsoft Teams. Here is a...
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    QUBCC Evening Talk with Shane Diffily

    2021/04/07 19:00 GMT+01 QUBCC Evening Talk with Shane Diffily At 7pm (UTC+01) on Wednesday, 7th April, Queen?s University Belfast Caving Club will be hosting, over Microsoft Teams, a presentation from Shane Diffily, co-founder of the Dublin Caving Group. The presentation will be called...