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    Newt - rescue/leave alone?

    Thanks Kay: suspected as much. First time I'd come across a newt underground in 48 yrs of caving but if it happens again will retrieve & exit.
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    Newt - rescue/leave alone?

    On Fri came across Common (?) Newt just before Bar Steward's Passage, Boundary Pot. Interim climbs, stream flow, suggest it is unlikely(?) it would be able to exit under own steam. Left it in situ but wondering if this was best thing to do? Should it have been there (& not from the 'did it have...
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    Mistral - Stenlight

    Non-working Stenlight without battery. Consigned to srt bag but subsequently awol somewhere between Mistral entrance, Red/Black Wall Chambers, crawl into into Ratbag, Cigalere, Mud Hall. Crap lamp, 3rd time it's failed, but nevertheless would like back as batteries & charger lonely. Cheers. Sweeny