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17th Symposium of Volcanospeleology (2016)


Have I missed something, or is there no mention of this on the forum??

Just in case:

17th Symposium of Volcanospeleology is being held in Hawai'i next year (Big Island). 


Big Island is a well-cool place, the volcano is almost permanently active, and the lava tubes are fascinating & very extensive.  If you can be flexible with your timings you can get flights for <?700 a head. Heathrow (LHR) to Kona (KOA) via Los Angeles (LAX) is the way to do it from the UK.  It takes ages to get there, and even longer to get back so it's worth extending the visit if you can.  We spent a long couple of weeks there a few years back and only saw a fraction of what we wanted to.

If anyone's going/thinking about going and want's a bit of advice on the place, just PM me



Ed W

Well back in Blighty now, fighting off jetlag and prising the last bits of lava out of my skin.  What a superb event this was, many thanks to all the members of the Cave Conservation of Hawaii who worked so hard to make this happen, and especially to Ann and Peter Bosted.  The event had a fantastic mix of informative presentations, social events and field trips (both above and below ground) and I for one am now keen to return to Hawaii!

UK Cavers put up a good show, with eight of us in attendance.  Personally I managed to get on 16 caving trips in 16 days, including trips into the two longest lava tube caves in the world.  For anyone with an interest, my photos can be found at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153233510530974.1073741846.723485973&type=1&l=d26d35d30c


It was definitely a fantastic week with lots of interesting lectures, great catering and hospitality, and of course loads and loads of the most excellent caving. Well done to everyone concerned - you all deserve a huge "thank you" for the effort you put in.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  :beer: