2021 SSSI Cave Monitoring Competition Winner


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Twenty years ago, in February 2002, John Gunn and John Beck submitted two reports to English Nature (now rebranded as Natural England) on the Location of special interest features in cave SSSIs, with one report on Castleton and the second on the remainder of thePeak District Area. The reports consisted of descriptions and annoated surveys showing the key interest features. David Webb and the Derbyshire Caving Association (DCA) Conservation team, in consultation with the two John's used the reports to prepare Cave Monitoring Forms. These were distributed to cavers with instructions to 'go forth and monitor' on their recreational caving trips. Similar schemes were set up in other parts of England but such was the progress in the Peak District that in July 2003 DCA were presented with an Award and a cheque for ?1,000. The intention was that the Peak District SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme would continue and to that end monitoring forms were made available on the DCA Website (https://thedca.org.uk/sssi-monitoring).
However, as is so often the case enthusiasm waned over the years and in 2021 DCA decided to reinvigorate the scheme, and to help promote conservation within the Peak District Caving Community, by offering a ?50 Starless River Voucher to one cave monitoring form drawn from those submitted.
The DCA congratulates Katie Eavis who was successful in the draw and hopes she will enjoy purchasing some new kit with the voucher. Katie's monitoring form of Winnats Head Cave was completed while on a trip with the Eldon Pothole Club and included photos and comments on features within the cave. The DCA  will be offering another voucher in 2022 so why not download a monitoring form and take it with you on your next trip. Completed forms should be sent to conservation-off@thedca.org.uk


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