6 Maillon and an Oval steel scrow gate


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hi i have lost :( 6 Maillon and an Oval steel scrow gate with some green cord on it. they are all green taped and may be with some of my friends hagers(black and red or yellow tape). this hapend some were between the p bolts in Peny-gent and the car (i was not deriging)

oh and i droped a green taped maillo down garlons too. not doing so well and the momant.

let me no if you find them.



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the trip was good and tort me lots about riging 1/2 was on natrals verry good fun.

you can come on any trip when you stop ponsing round the world
but dont think you will get any kit

it all happend cos dave was deriging (and he is a numty)

how is your trip going, got under ground yet


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I´m not poncing, I´m doing valuable medical work :D

actually, I am, I´m translating for a doctor who speaks no english. however, I´m off to the countryside this w/e, to some waterfalls called Las Cuevas - sounds promising methinks. 8)

:D :D :D


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I wasn't meant to derig. I was going on the easy trip but ended up saving rob again and having to derig.
(sorry Rob but everyone knows ur a tit)

I think the cave troll stole it off my harness as I was leaving the cave.

anyway sorry, sorry, sorry

should have used my gear.


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i would love to use your kit but it is just so much quicer to unscru mallions by hand. ps :troll:

well the translating souds a bit ponscy but i will let you off cos the water falls sound good .


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Waterfalls were good - not much cave ther but some very interesting stuff nearby - manmade tunnels apparantly over 150m deep, but bad air stopped exploration in 99, no-one back since......

Before you call me poncy for translating


I AM the Daddy - and my revenge is terrible
(I´ve wanted to use this one for ages)

PS - what did Rob do this time to prove he is a tit


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i cant remember i ablitorat the tit ness from my mind

but we both got a tit make for doing giants oxlo giants (cos we only had rope for garlons)

good trip not hat bad with a hood wetsute not nessasery but usfull unles it is verry thik and makes you sweat the hole way.

ok you are the poncy daddy let me have that retrobution (revenge stuf)
:no: :whip:


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I remember when youngsters had a bit more respect :eek:ldgit:

As for retribution -
sure thing baby - you know you love it :wink:



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well i am horified by that grafic. it was trooly tromatink.


off to france tomorrow


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Think of it as part of your university education

Have a nice time
:byebye: don´t do anything I wouldn´t.
Doesn´t narrow it down much


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were back and we had a grait time lots of caving and one or two canyons.

all is good and well too.

but the club is in a mess the uni have cut are funding and thay havent yet worked ou what that meens. but they "whant us to continyou runing"

yare right


hrock said:
and one or two canyons.

Off down there in 3 weeks time - would be intersted in knowing about the canyoning - is there a guide :hyper:

hrock said:
but the club is in a mess the uni have cut are funding

Blimey - can anyone elaborate :(


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See my post in 'idle chat'/'lone bell' for "SUSS being crapped on" details (ish)

Maybe I should have put it in "lost and found"........


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Glad to hear France was good - I was a bit confused and had you down as going in September, but thats age and beer for you.
Were MUSC out as well? And did you manage more caving than them 8)

WRT Uni - we´ve been dumped on from a great height before by them, and survived - in fact the last couple of years they have been fairly reasonable (ie not blatantly and overtly trying to close us) so I suppose we are due another attempt. Just try to find out exactly where we stand particularly with regards to kit and insurance. If it is just that we are getting no money we can get by.
Oh and tell Special hahahaha- its her mess to sort out. However, she does have 3 previous captains to help.

I´m on holiday in Bolivia and will be walking part of the Inca trail next week :D :D . I´ve also just read that apparantly this is the coldest winter in Peru for 40 yrs+ :? .

George North

Re: Sam T

Durham have also just returned from the Vercors after a bit of canyoning/caving, I've got loads of photos which should appear on the website soonish.

There is a guidebook called 'Canyonnes du Vercors et alentours' or something similar. It's written in French, but is easily understandable, I think it costs about £15 and you can buy it from the shop in Pont au Royans, as well as Expe.

The best canyon is probably the Ecouges, which according to 'Montagne' magazine (well worth buying) is one of the best in France, I think it also says that the top part is closed due to Fishing during the summer, and you're meant to abseil off the road. I'm not sure about that though. It's well worth taking two 80m ropes (or an 80 and a pull back line) in order to avoid the rather shitty rebelay.

The other (general) thing is that the water level is very low, so a lot of the jumps mentioned in the guidebook aren't deep enough! We also found that life jackets made the swimming much more pleasent. (They're also useful in the Gournier streamway!)




Nice one - cheers.

Only there for a week so have to see how we feel after the berger.
Really enjoyed the canyoning we did in slovenia. loads of deep pools and big jumps plus some pretty big slides (12m) but no rigging or ropework.


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yes i am trying to work out where we stand with the uni

it looks like we have

our name
our email
a table at freshers
kit (if we steal it and dont tell them whet we have)
the money in our b acount
and the union might let us keep our acounts with them (but we can opne out side acounts if we want)

it looks like we dont have

any more money
an easy time

but no one can actualy tell us about any of this for shure

so things look good all in all

oh and spesh is trying to get sponshership from oil companys (as the need to look good to inviromental, stuands, and engernirs)

but steve might have got us a place or two to train so even if there is no club and no freshers we can train them. :LOL:

time to show the uni how good we are :blow:


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Brendan said:
sure thing baby - you know you love it :wink:


excuse me!!!

anyway, i reckon the club will survive :) they can't stop us getting new members and with a female in charge we're obviously gonna improve the membership :)

why let a man do a woman's job...



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good to hear all this about the club. will talk to you all soon I guess.

on another topic. Dave, i love that photo of you reclining in caving kit. who took it?