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A decade later (!): Goatchurch The Movie

cap n chris

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This autumn is a decade since the spoof expedition docudrama Goatchurch Cavern: The Movie was made by chums Kev Speight, Bruce Blagden and me; it was mostly an exercise in tongue in cheek humour, heavily based on a film by international rock climbing God, Matt Helliker (Moonflower) from which much of the narrative was plagiarised, combined with a journey of discovery in film editing techniques using Sony Vegas software at the time, plus a dual comedic translation into irreverant and dubious Spanish. Having worked many years leading groups into the novice cave of Goatchurch it struck home that no-one had ever done a multi-day expedition there, nor used SRT techniques and overnight camps. Obviously it had to be done. It is in two parts, and to this day surprises me that the 2nd part isn't as watched as the 1st, since the latter contains more gnarly footage. Bruce sadly passed away many years ago, aged 42, so this film is testament to his friendship, can-do-ness and rope skills/bonhomie. First part and second part links below:

Apparently the film does occasionally feature in the Fresher/Uni Club world but I have no idea what kind of audience it gains but would dearly love to know whether people enjoy it and/or show it to anyone in a social setting. It was something of a labour of love, taking in excess of 60 hours editing time, blatant foley augmentations and a lovely (paid for) narrative soundtrack.


I remember some newbies joining one of our clubs saying they were going to goatchurch and how dangerous it is with huge pitches etc. They said they had watched your video and didn't believe us when we said it was a joke! 😂


Those trips were about as much fun as it is possible to have in Goatchurch! Bruce was an excellent person who passed away far too young.