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This was Chat Gpt's version
My friend, since transitioning from regular underwear to neoprene, for over 25 years I've been a dedicated cave diver. I spend long hours underwater, relying solely on dry trilaminate suits, as well as leggings and socks made from delicate lamb's wool. Trust me, it's stronger than Cordura fabric and, most importantly, ensures that I remain completely comfortable and dry throughout my entire cave exploration. This is crucial for survival in the frigid depths, especially for those who venture into caves to work, measure, photograph, and above all, dig and make new discoveries.

Looks like Google Translate doece piecemeal, context free translation whereas Chat Gpt appears to have a more holistic grasp, dare I say understanding of what it's translating.


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Better than
Friend I from the time of switching to underwear to neoprene, over 25 years in a cavewoman long hours and byvaky really only in dry trilaminate and podo medicine and socks as from a lamb baby believe that it is stronger than Cordura and especially !!! You are the whole stay in the cave in complete peace and dry, what is for the death head called hypothermic quite important for all who go to the cave to work, merit, photograph, and especially dig and other discoveries first