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AditNow vanished?

Yesterday and today I now get a HTTP Error 404 if I try to access the rump of the website, happens on Chrome , Firefox and Edge so not a browser related problem. Has anyone else got this issue or is Simon just picking on me? Nothing on AditNow facebook site about any problems.



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Yes, I see the same. At least that's a reply from a webserver of some sort and not a "buy this domain" type message, so it could be worse.

I'm not sure how useful speculation is, I mean this could be redirecting to a new hosting just before some grand opening like a phoenix from ashes or it could be about to go offline permanently and this is the end. We'd need to hear from the man himself! Just to say all his hard work to date on that site is greatly appreciated, it was an amazing resource.


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Hello Jim

Have also had the same messages on various platforms I have tried. I haven’t got the answer though, as Tom says with it being nearly 2 years who knows ?! But yes without a update from the man himself I don’t believe anyone else knows maybe sinker he knows Simon well.

I haven’t heard any updates through the grape vein though.

On the other hand, maybe it’s had to be shut completely for the same hosting security reasons it initially closed for ?


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From recollection of what Simon told us at the time, the security issues were primarily with the forum and the old tech it was built on, hence why he stopped that but kept the main site database going. Might drop him an email later and ask whether this is a temporary blip.
I really hope it's just temporary - when Mine Explorer started wobbling I saved various threads containing useful info and I'm really glad I did now, but AN contains a lot, lot more...


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I assume even the ones who was still signed in are now also out ? I was about to message a member and ask them for something as well ! Is truly gutting I hope it all comes back soon, lots of members really appreciated it. Cheers for keeping us uk caving (y)


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Sometimes these sites are more trouble than they're worth to those who host them.

I hosted a caves of Lanzarote site for a while, many UK cavers benefited and enjoyed the free guide to the world class caves here.
It's lead to NASA Mars caves scientific involvement and symposiums as a result of the free sharing of knowledge.

But then political types want to get involved, they then use the info to blame existing damage to caves on the basis they think all the vandals accessed the caves through your website only.
In the case of Lanzarote the main vandalism was done by someone called Otero ( his name is spray canned everywhere) in the 90s but the website in the 2010s is to blame if you are a politician🥱

It's palpably untrue and denies the existence of local knowledge that led to the existence of the website in the first place.
What came first the chicken or the egg.
Politicians also ignore Google information, and trip advisor info that spreads more info quicker than any randomly named caving website that's so low down in Google rankings only word of mouth would find it.

Other newly discovered sites within known caves never mentioned on the website were quickly trashed, because local knowledge is well established before the existence of websites.
Although there was no causal link between websites and vandalism it was easy and lazy to blame the website. .

I closed my site and Lauren's continued sharing info through a similarly named site but he too has also come up against problems so has now closed the site down unless you have password access.
It's a good solution.
I am part of the exploration team here on Lanzarote which is reflected with the Craven Pothole club logo on the main page ( of which I am a member)

Lauren's still has the data base of all the numerous caves being found every year ( he is exceptionally motivated) so it will not be lost.
The politicians are now kept out of the loop.
They bought nothing to the table except red tape, blame, exclusion and obstruction.

They make terrible decisions in their attempts to protect the caves without consulting cavers because we don't have PhD s in cavology and are therefore worthless.

Their ignorance only results in more people accessing the caves than ever before because these decisions are made by pen pushers not realists in human psyche.
The gate on Siete Lagos being the perfect example where more people than ever can access the caves because they built a ladder into the cave as part of the gate system, where before only good climbers could access it.
It's a very well known cave on the island and is a right of passage for all the youngsters, even more than ever because of the fixed ladder they called a gate.

What used to be an infrequently visited cave is now well traveled.
One evening I encountered two other groups down there

Well done cabildo, slow claps.
Now there's even more vandalism than ever.

Anyway I digress.
I'm sure the data won't disappear.
Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but sometimes, increasingly so, sharing data online is more trouble than its worth.

I'm definitely converting to a "who you know" mentality now, not because I'm elitest but because I can't be arsed with the ignorant interfering politicians and mithering jobs worths with nothing to offer.

Exploration goes on, we just keep it all behind closed doors now.


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No its been slimmed down, this is probably why it was temporarily off line. Previously it was as it always was but "Read Only"
I would encourage everyone to take heart from this as it clearly demonstrates that something is happening.


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A Phoenix from the ashes!

I got logged out some time ago :( but can still use it's search facility which is Fan-*******-tastic!

Don't know if you read this Simon? ... THANK YOU!
Just another change, a couple of days ago there was an error message on the Aditnow link, I've seen similar before on various websites and often becomes resolved quite quickly. Yesterday there was an invalid SSL certificate message (error code 526 ), again may mean nothing.

Whatever it does mean there seems currently no site access to the archive which is a bit of a shame.

I note Roy Fellows' comment on another recent thread about letting Simon get on with things, so I'm not stirring anything it's just a reflection on a recent change.



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I truly hope it’s a “update”. From reading it though it appears to say it’s passed it’s best before date .


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It's possible that the certificate has simply expired and hasn't yet been renewed - sometimes you can get an option of 'proceed at your own risk', but it seems not this time. And I was definitely still logged in a few days ago.