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Adventures Underground


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New Book In Stock Now


In 1952 Underground Adventure by Arthur Gemmel and Jack Myres brought stories of exploration in the caves of the Yorkshire Dales to the reading public. Now, inspired by those classic tales, two new authors - Dave Haigh and John Cordingley continue the theme into modern times, bringing to life the dedication, ingenuity and sheer hard work needed to break new ground,often in desperately difficult circumstances, yet blend their narrative with the outrageous humour known only to cavers. :coffee:



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Just mentioning, so folk are aware, the authors are donating all royalties to a couple of charities (cave rescue and Macmillan Cancer Support). I've seen the finished product now and Wild Places Publishing have done a very pleasing job of it. Hope you enjoy it Ian.


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Thanks for the encouraging words above!
I understand that Inglesport now has more stock. Best give 'em a ring before travelling any distance (01524 241146). But Starless River also stocks them (see website) and it's always possible to order direct from the publisher.


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I was led to understand that there was going to be:

'a book launch gathering / social evening at Clapham Bunk House on 8th April.'

What happened to that?


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I saw DH today and yes, the launch evening is going ahead as planned. I know you'll be especially welcome Fulk, for obvious reasons.


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Great book, haven't been able to put it down.

Wish I still lived in Yorkshire so I could get back to smashing bare pots...


Thoroughly enjoying this outstanding book. I'm rationing it to nurse me through a series of dull night shifts!


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Having got my grubby paws on a copy last night, a quick glance showed me this is a real classic book on Dales Caving. It is well written, illustrated with loads of great photos and diagrams, and produced to an exceptionally high quality.

The authors John Cordingley and Dave Haigh are to be congratulated on producing such a splendid book. And much credit to Chris Howes and Judith Calford at Wild Places for all their efforts in making sure the final product is worthy of its contents.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!



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Brilliant book, well written and put together. went for the hardback edition, not only a fab read but looks the business on the coffee table at home.  (y)