Alasdair 'Ali' Neill


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Posted on Mining History list by Peter Claughton

I regret that I have to inform the list of the death of Alasdair 'Ali' Neill - he died in Plymouth of cancer on 28th October - unfortunately I have no further details.

Ali was a caver / mine explorer and mining historian with great energy in everything he put his mind to. He had amassed a wealth of detail on mining in the south-west of England and he was a major contributor to the recently published Mining in Cornwall & Devon, Mines and Men (Exeter 2014) where his knowledge of the data outside that available through the conventional Mineral Statistics was invaluable.

His depth of knowledge will be missed.


I understand that Ali also helped with the Surveying at Matienzo?


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Ali was a big part of exploration and surveying in Matienzo for decades.  Lot's of cavers will have met him out there as I did.  I liked the cut of his jib.