Another forum modification - mouse over topic preview.


Ok, this is the last one for a little while, as I've spent the last 5 nights at it and have had enough :crazy:

When you are looking at the list of topics in a particular forum, when you move your mouse over the topic title, you will now be able to see the last 200 characters that somebody has posted.

This is really useful if you want to have a quick check to see if any more has been posted to a topic without actually having to go into that topic and scroll to the bottom.


dont know whether its my pc but when I hover, the box only appears for about 1.5 seconds - which is not enough time to read it, unless you have a photographic memory.

Nice mod though.


Mine does go after about 4 or 5 secs, but that's about right, any longer and it could become a pain.

Some of these mods are 3rd party addons and some of those won't have standards for browser compatibility. Certainly all is fine on IE 6.0.


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by the way, the forum layout and extra links are turning into one of the most resoureful sites i've come across. well done