Another Rock Fall in Goyden Main Chamber

Please be aware that there has been another big fall of rock from the roof of Goyden main chamber. The slabs that have fallen made up the start of the huge suspended arch that is seen after turning right at the end of first section of the entrance tunnel. Many tons of rock have fallen with many more to come down, this area is best avoided but if you have to pass that way keep to the left hand side of the chamber going down, all the way to and over the big block which then leads to the main chamber proper and the bridge area.

The rock fall occurred earlier this year and most likely when the cave was flooded. This is the second and by far the bigger of the two falls in recent years. The next one will probably be bigger still.


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Not sure if this is in addition to, but:


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If you can tie down the date it might be possible to relate it to the information on here: