Any Devon SS Members?


If there are any Devon SS members on the forum, please could someone drop me a message about your cottage -



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How has the use of acronyms crept into society?
You direct that question to any non caver and expect a strange look.

There is a motor dealer friend who visits today on hos way back from buying cars at "BCA", there is also a caving friend who visits. I hope some day they both here together so I can get the popcorn out.


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lumenchild said:
I don't think it's such a good idea to refer to the Speleological society as the SS,  o_O

I have never even considered giving an award for "Understatement of the year", but if I had, you would be front runner.


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I have to admit that I saw the thread title and what came to mind was a fictional Torquay hotelier goose-stepping across the dining room...


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Ha yes, or the Monty Python sketch where the Third Reich are holidaying in Minehead (just over the border but anyway)


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How about DSS ? (department of social security for any youths, DWP since 2001) - they had a similar reputation


[gmod]Let's try and stay on topic. It's a simple question - this is not in Idle Chat...[/gmod]


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I am a DSS member. Here is the webpage with all the information you need: