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Ardèche - Trip Suggestions and Guidebooks


New member
CUCC are planning a trip to Ardèche (Vallon Pont D'Arc - CESAME hut) in April and I’m looking to procrastinate exam revision by researching potential trips…

Can anyone recommend some sporting trips for relatively experienced cavers (and any other trips you don’t think we should miss)?
Also keen for via ferrata and canyon recommendations (we're relatively new to canyoning so doesnt need to be anything too ambitious)

Finally, can anyone suggest a good guidebook/website, ideally in English but I fear that may be difficult!


New member
No cave suggestions, because the last time I was there was pre caving. It's a lovely area though. You can hire canoes at Balazuc and trundle down the river for a while as an easy day out.


I think Southampton Uni sold a trip guide for a visit they made pre-2000

Midroi down in the Ardeche gorge (if water near the entrance is not too high in April)?


Despeysse to Saint Marcel is a must. Just going in the Saint Marcel is a must. You need to book a key for the Saint Marcel.

I'm surprised I've beaten other chatty NPC members to this post but we've been twice in recent years. I wrote a blog post actually in 2019! https://northernpennineclub.org.uk/blog/20190612-ardche-2019

Aven Noel (another key needed). Neuf gorges. Midroi. I quite enjoyed Grotte Estevan actually. I know even more caves were visited by the club this year but I wasn't on the trip. It's a nice area! Agree that speleo sportif Ardeche is the book to find if you can can. And be aware of the risk of CO2...


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Above ground: good waymarked walking trails, decently bolted sport climbs, didn't see any Via Ferrata, boat hire and canoe down to the Pont De Arc, (watch out for the last left-hand rapid, it's tricky) decent vineyards for wine sampling, etc.......

Family holiday last time 25 years ago pre kids and caving