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Armytek headtorch


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Bumpage time 17 hours left.

Next weekend am at ofd so if anybody wants to pick it up let me no cut of that horrible postage cost.




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Thanks for the above information. Could I just ask for a bit of advice? Is the cool white or warm white option better for photography?

Also, I note it's rated at IP68, which means it'll stand a depth of 1.5 m in water for 30 minutes. Anyone got any suggestions as to whether it'd stand going a bit deeper for a shorter period? (Or is that just not quantifiable?)


The colour temperature is something that can be accounted for with the white balance, instead it's better to ensure that the LEDs have a good colour rendering index (CRI). That being said the classic "golden hour" has a colour temperature of about 3500K, so LED's around this temperature might result in photos that need less balancing afterwards.

You also want to think about the type of optic if you're looking for a photography light. Do you want a focused "throwy" beam or something more "floody"?

It's not always easy finding out what the colour temp., CRI, and beam characteristics of a light actually are. Some manufacturers are better at this than others - Emissar stand out as being very thorough with these details.

Re. waterproofing, it's impossible to tell with IP standards, they're just a measure of whether the device can pass the particular test or not.
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Also IPx8 just means 'exceeds the IPx7 waterproof test' rather than any particular depth/length of time criteria, I think.